Tuition & Fees

ABC Owls Daycare and After School LLC. strives to provide your family with the best child care services for the best value. We offer a strong educational program that delivers high-quality teachers and a carefully-designed curriculum for every age group in our school. Our rates are competitive with other high-quality child care programs in our area and if you would like specific tuition rates, please contact us for more details.


Tuition Rates *Weekly Rates per Child

Infants & Toddlers (6wks-36mo) $00 per week

Primary (3yr-5yr) $00 per week

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade (00:00a – 00:00p) $00 per week

After Care for Kindergarten through Elementary (00:00p – 00:00p) $00 per week

Part Time (2.5 years through 5 years) 00a-00p $00 per week

Parents are more than welcome to pay in advance if they wish. We accept cash, check, money orders and credit cards.